from the land to the bottle: Montiferru > olives > harvest > pressing > storage > bottling > control > consumption / sale

Attention to the production of a quality oil applies to all the different stages of processing: the care of the olive trees, the sacking, the milling at the family mill, the storage, the bottling and the sale to the consumer. The proof of our extra virgin olive oil is our guarantee seal. The different production phases are entirely managed by the company.


The olives are harvested at a slightly early stage of ripeness which gives the oil a distinct character and a particular organoleptic consistency. Shortening the time between the detachment of the fruit from the tree and the pressing is one of the aspects to which it is necessary to pay attention in order to keep the degree of acidity as low as possible.


A basic aspect of our production is the selection of the olives, which takes place directly on site at the time of beating. It is here that we make a first distinction between the different varieties from which the different monovarietal oils are produced. The selection for our Oro oil is carried out by hand in the olive groves (stripping by brucatura of the foliage).


The old millstones have given way to a continuous cycle processing system that allows us adapt the pressing and cold extraction of the oil for a much better result in terms of oil acidity, organoleptic properties and bionutritional values. The characteristics of the original olive are perfectly reflected in the oil obtained from it: a remarkable freshness and fragrance ranging from green, bitter and spicy notes, to the more golden, sweet ones.


Storage of oil - bottling - control: every step is followed in an artisan way on the farm. The quantities processed are moderate, but passion, experience and zeal are abundant.


Ozu's image itself is clear and unfussy. We have chosen to prioritize te olive oil itself.


The company welcomes visits and excursions to its olive groves, tastings of the company's products, collaborations and experiences in the countryside.

These are the gestures with which we intend to continue to enhance the qualities of a small local production and an extra virgin olive oil that wants to tell to tell by itself.