The selected lines of extra virgin olive oil are characterized by qualitative excellence and are prized by connoisseurs and lovers of good food.

We have four types of oil:


intense fruity (more bitter than spicy)

intense fruity (spicier than bitter)

light fruity (balance between bitter and spicy)

Oro - Gran Riserva
intense fruity (more bitter than spicy) -
from hand picked olives

Oe - monovarietal di Bosana – Bio

The extra virgin olive oil Bosana is characterized by fruity notes, bitter and spicy, that combine within the mouth giving off intense fruity hints of unripe tomato, artichoke and flowers.

It goes perfectly with many dishes: from red meat, especially a red or carpaccio, to raw or grilled vegetables. It gives flavour extra to soups and minestrone. It is essential for an aromatic bruschetta.

in 0.10 cl - 0.50 cl bottles
in 5 l cans.

Madrigale - monovarietal Semidana - Bio

Semidana extra virgin olive oil is distinguished by its harmonious notes and hints of melaverde and almond, with a strong, persistent pungency and a softer bitterness that creates a pleasant and rich union.

Recommended raw, it is a superior accompaniment to vegetables in a pinzimonio or steamed. It also goes well with potato flans, risottos and seafood.

in 0.10 cl bottles - 0.50 cl
in 5 l cans

MonteFerro - Blend Semidana/Bosana/Tonda - Bio

Extra virgin olive oil that combines the characteristics and notes of the two main varieties of olives, with the more delicate ones of the Tonda, which together produce a more pleasant and subtle harmonic balance.

in 0.10 cl - 0.50 cl bottles
in 5 l cans

Oro - Gran Riserva - selection of Bosana/Semidana - Bio 

limited series

Extra virgin olive oil of the Bosana and Semidana variety, harvested separately by hand, at the exact stage of ripeness and pressed immediately on the farm.

in 0.10 cl - 0.50 cl bottles