The olive groves of the farm cover south-facing hills, about 350 meters above sea level, not far from the sea. Here the olive trees have an ideal soil and are surrounded by Mediterranean maquis, and also woods of cork trees, holm oaks, chestnut trees, cherry trees, and aromatic herbs.

The volcanic type of soil as well as the particular climatic conditions - mild wind coming from the sea and fresh air descending from the mountain - offers a particularly favorable habitat for olive trees, which influences their growth and the organoleptic qualities of the oil produced.

From the 12th century the Camaldolese monks of Bonarcado improved, through careful selection, the olive trees, introducing Semidana and Bosana varieties, and teaching technique of grafting onto wild olive trees.

Ozu comprises four properties, on an area of about ten hectares:

Santu perdu: semidana, bosana and round olive cultivars

Sa terra bianca: bosana olives cultivar

Figu ruja: semidana cultivar olives

Sos crecos: semidana and round olives cultivar